Shakira’s Mermaid Transformation, Passionate Kisses between JLo and Affleck, and More Must-See Photos!

Shakira Transforms into a Mermaid for a Video with Manuel Turizo

Shakira is known for her captivating music and stunning looks, but her latest music video takes it to a whole new level. In collaboration with fellow Colombian artist Manuel Turizo, Shakira transforms into a mesmerizing mermaid.

The video, which was released on July 16, 2021, showcases Shakira’s incredible coordination and strength as she flawlessly executes intricate underwater choreography. The stunning visuals and aquatic theme perfectly complement the song’s romantic lyrics and upbeat melody.

Shakira’s Transformation into a Mermaid

Shakira’s transformation into a mermaid is a sight to behold. The singer dons a striking blue tail and a shimmering top adorned with shells, completing her otherworldly look with long, flowing hair and intricate makeup.

Despite the challenges of shooting underwater, Shakira appears to be in her element as she gracefully glides through the water with Manuel Turizo. The pair’s chemistry is palpable, and their voices blend seamlessly in the catchy duet.

The Inspiration Behind the Video

Shakira’s latest music video is about more than just showcasing her talent and beauty. It also aims to raise awareness about conservation efforts to protect marine life and ecosystems. In collaboration with the Fundación Biodiversa Colombia, the video includes messages encouraging viewers to take action and support conservation efforts.

By using her platform to draw attention to important issues, Shakira is setting an example for other artists and public figures. Her commitment to using her art for good is a testament to her talent, compassion, and dedication to making a difference.


Shakira’s latest music video is a dazzling display of her talent and creativity. Her transformation into a mermaid is both mesmerizing and empowering, proving once again that there’s nothing this Columbian superstar can’t do. With her continued commitment to raising awareness about important issues, Shakira is not just a musical icon but also a powerful force for good.

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