How Shakira’s Kids Bored Piqué during King’s League Final

Boredom strikes Shakira’s children during Piqué’s Kings League Final

While FC Barcelona was giving its all in the Kings League Final, Shakira’s children, Milan and Sasha, seemed to have reached their limit with all the excitement. Accompanied by Gerard Piqué, the boys were seen looking less than enthused during the game.

The real boredom busters

It wasn’t long before the boys found their own forms of entertainment. Milan was spotted playing with his phone, while Sasha used his blanket as a hat, delighting fans across social media channels.

Shakira misses the action

While Shakira was not present at the game, she posted a video of Piqué and the boys on Instagram. The singer, who is currently on tour, showed her support for her partner and the team, proving that distance is no obstacle for a true fan.

The importance of downtime

While it’s natural to assume that all young boys would be completely entertained by a high-stakes game of soccer, it’s important to remember that kids can easily become disinterested or overstimulated. It’s crucial to provide them with opportunities for downtime, even during exciting events or experiences.

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