Shakira Latest Social Media Message Sparks Speculation for Clara Chía

Shakira’s Controversial Social Media Post

Social networks were abuzz again with Shakira’s latest post on Wednesday, where she shared a selfie with a one-word description: “Chiaroscuro.” The post has sparked a lot of speculation amongst fans, with some speculating that it could be the title of her next musical venture.

However, for many fans, the post seemed to be aimed at Clara Chía, the new partner of Gerard Piqué, with whom the singer shares two children. Fans speculate that Shakira may be expressing her frustration at Chía for spending time with Sasha and Milan, which has caused an uproar on social media.

The photo was posted on Shakira’s Twitter and Instagram pages and garnered millions of views and reactions within a few hours.

A Marketing Strategy?

While some fans speculate that the post may be Shakira’s form of protest, others are sighting it as a marketing strategy for her upcoming single “Copa Vacía,” which is expected to be released soon. The single’s video features Shakira dressed as a siren, adding more fuel to the speculation.

Piqué Under Fire

This post comes in the wake of Piqué being under fire from critics after a video showed him at a soccer match with his children and Chía, where it is observed that the children appeared bored while Piqué enjoyed himself with his girlfriend.

Another video also circulated on social media, where Piqué is seen visibly upset with his eldest son during the same match. This has caused people to compare the behavior of children when they are with their parents. Shakira was also the subject of criticism when Piqué was allegedly caught leaving a shopping center in Barcelona after forgetting his younger son Sasha, who was seen running after them seconds later.

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