Producer Teases Exciting Possibilities for ‘John Wick’ Franchise’s Future Installments

John Wick 4 Release

After months of endless waiting, the huge ‘John Wick 4’ has finally been released to amaze fans of the best action movies and, at the same time, to leave us with a huge existential void: What now?

If, like me, you can’t wait to return to Chad Stahelski’s universe of couture assassins, you’re in luck, because producer Erica Lee has made it clear that there’s plenty of material to continue the fruitful franchise.

Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back! During an interview with Screen Rant, Lee has revealed which two characters have more ballots to star in their respective spinoffs.

Bowery King and Akira

These are none other than Lawrence Fishburne’s Bowery King and, even better, Rina Sawayama’s Akira; one of the best recent additions to the saga that has some other pending issue.

“Yeah, I think the world of the Bowery King and the Bowery is something we’re very interested in exploring further.”

“Akira’s character stands out in the movie, and I’d love to see more of his character’s adventures.”

There is no doubt that the “WickVerso” has characters to give and take with whom to continue exploiting the vein, but the idea of ​​concluding the feud between Akira and Caine that was raised in the post-credits of the last numbered installment is tremendously appealing.

The Continental and Ballerina

Be that as it may, and leaving Akira and the Bowery King aside, what is confirmed is that we will once again visit the most violent New York City in the series ‘The Continental’ and the movie ‘Ballerina’, which will explore the founding of the hotel run by Winston and the adventures of a murderer played by Ana de Armas respectively.

The first is scheduled for the end of this 2023, while the second would arrive between the spring and summer of 2024. In Espinof | The best action movies of all time

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