‘John Wick’ Director Justifies the Tragic Dog Death in the Franchise

The Legend of John Wick: The Story Behind the First Film

The success enjoyed by the ‘John Wick 4’ franchise has firmly established it as one of the greatest action sagas in film history led by Keanu Reeves. However, the first installment nearly didn’t make it to the big screen, as its top managers feared it would end up being a disaster.

The Power of the Dog Element

One of the big doubts was the need to include the death of John Wick’s dog. It was a decisive element that made him come out of his retirement and carry out brutal revenge. Director Chad Stahelski revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the reasons why it was necessary to keep this element in the film.

Despite a lot of doubt surrounding the dog’s death, it was added back to the storyline. The team felt it was a mythological element that needed to be forced so that viewers could completely understand its symbolism. They weren’t aiming for realism as much as they were looking to make viewers laugh.

Taking a Risk on John Wick

Producer David Leitch and Chad Stahelski were under a lot of stress, trying to ensure the film worked, for fear of damaging their credit cards, home mortgages, and even lives. Producer Basil Iwanyk started the company from scratch, giving them all the extra reason to worry about the success of the movie.

Having invested so much money in the film, they were concerned that viewers would reject the movie entirely. However, the film ended up being a huge box office success, and sequels followed soon after. But Stahelski had been taking a risk as nobody could have foreseen how much the public would embrace the film.

No Story Without the Dog

It’s easy to think that viewers wouldn’t like a film in which an animal dies, but in the case of ‘John Wick,’ it was an unavoidable event. The loss of the puppy was crucial, as it was the catalyst that made Wick bring out his murderous rage after the recent death of his wife.

In Conclusion

The story behind the first film of the ‘John Wick’ franchise makes it all the more fascinating. Despite fears of losing everything, the film turned out to be a runaway success, soaring to unimaginable heights. The dog element, which initially made the team worry, ended up being an essential component of the franchise’s success, and audiences have embraced the film with open arms.

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