Pietro Lombardi Shares Thoughts as Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm End Engagement

Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm are no longer engaged: Pietro Lombardi now expresses himself

Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm Have Officially Separated

After planning their wedding, Stefano Zarrella (32) and Romina Palm (23) have called it quits, much to the surprise of their fans. The couple confirmed their separation recently, and rumors have been swirling around social media as to what led to the split. The couple had been together for three years and were even engaged since the summer of 2021.

Pietro Lombardi Comments on the Breakup

As close friends with the former dream couple, Pietro Lombardi (30) is well-acquainted with the situation surrounding their separation. When a fan asked him about the breakup during an Instagram Q&A session, he responded, “Of course I know the exact reason for the breakup, but I don’t think I have the right to say anything about it.”

While Lombardi did not elaborate on the reason, he made it clear that he continues to support his friend Stefano, calling him a “good boy.” Some rumors suggest that infidelity may have played a role in the breakup, but the parties involved have not confirmed that publicly.

Romina Palm’s Withdrawal from Social Media

Following the breakup and ensuing rumors, Romina has removed herself from social media. In one of her last posts, she mentioned therapy and the need to work through issues. Meanwhile, Stefano and Romina’s joint pictures have disappeared, and the wedding that was once planned may never come to fruition.

What’s Next for the Former Couple?

Only time will tell what Stefano and Romina’s future holds, but it’s clear that they have mutually decided to end their engagement. Lombardi remains a close friend of Stefano’s, while Romina has retreated from social media. The end of their relationship has sparked much speculation, but the former couple has yet to comment further on the matter.

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