Munich Ehliz Named Player of the Year for 2022/23 Season

Season 2022/23: Munich Ehliz is Player of the Year

The playoffs for the German ice hockey championship are about to kick off, with EHC Red Bull Munich and ERC Ingolstadt being the favorites to take home the top prize. Despite being the top Bavarian teams, the two clubs have already earned their first titles.

Yasin Ehliz from Munich was recently awarded player AND striker of the year by the DEL in Düsseldorf, thanks to his outstanding performance during the main round. With 21 goals and 39 assists, he had the best season of his career thus far. However, he credits his success to his team.

Furthermore, Panther coach Mark French was awarded coach of the year for the Hockey League. He also led his team to break the 100 point mark (102) in the DEL for the first time in ERC history. French expressed that receiving the award was a great honor.

As the playoffs commence, fans eagerly anticipate the performances of these two top teams and their star players. With their track record and talent, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the competition will fare against them.

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