Mozilla’s Plan to Instill AI with a Sense of Responsibility

Competition: Mozilla wants to teach the AI ​​a sense of responsibility

Mozilla Launches Competition to Promote Responsible AI

As machines equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) take on increasingly complex tasks, the question of their responsibility has become more pressing. Mozilla has responded by launching a competition to spur the development of relevant projects. The company plans to invest $50,000 USD in selected projects, with the winner of the Responsible AI Challenge receiving an additional $25,000 USD. In a call for entries, Mozilla notes that AI is no longer a future possibility, but a present reality.

The competition coincides with the relaunch of the Mozilla Builders Program. Previously, the technology incubator invested in 80 people, projects, and technologies in order to “repair the internet” by averting undesirable developments or directing existing ones toward better paths. The program has focused on decentralized web and social projects in the past.

The latest AI competition focuses on the growing capabilities of AI technology such as GPT-4 by considering issues such as trustworthiness, data protection, reliability, and security. As AI replaces human roles, the actions of AI systems can have significant social effects. With this competition, Mozilla hopes to identify and support projects that benefit society.

Mozilla is enthusiastic about the potential for AI to tackle society’s most pressing problems, but it wants to ensure that the technology serves the public good. Mozilla will select applicants from entries received through a dedicated website starting on March 30th, and successful entrants will be invited to develop their projects with Mozilla’s support.

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