Musk Vows to End Troublesome Tweets in Press Conference

Musk: No more đź’© from Twitter's press address

Twitter owner Elon Musk has announced that the platform will no longer automatically respond to press inquiries with a feces emoji (đź’©). Instead, Twitter will provide responses such as “We’ll get back to you soon” or “Get in touch with us again tomorrow”. It is unclear whether Twitter will reinstate a functioning PR department. Musk had abolished the press department after assuming control of Twitter.

Previously, it was mostly Musk himself who answered questions or made announcements. In March, he announced that media inquiries would be met with an automated response featuring the feces emoji. This move highlights Musk’s contentious relationship with the media, as he frequently accuses them of unfair or inaccurate reporting and is often targeted by media criticism, including allegations of right-wing tendencies.

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s CEO, responded to Musk’s announcement with an applause emoji. One of Yaccarino’s main tasks is likely to revive the company’s collapsed advertising business, which represents its primary source of income. Musk mentioned last week that Twitter’s advertising revenue had decreased by 50%, though he did not provide specific figures.

Regarding Twitter’s press address, a request from heise online went unanswered, with Twitter responding, “We’ll get back to you soon.” It remains to be seen how they will handle future inquiries.

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