Examining Chapter 197’s Attempt to Drown Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Filler Saga Analysis

For a few weeks, we have been analyzing a peculiar saga of Dragon Ball Z, which is pure filler content created exclusively by Toei Animation and unpublished in Akira Toriyama’s manga. These productions are not usually highly acclaimed by the fans, but they are always curious to see as they end up establishing themselves as unique products.

Other World Tournament Recap

In the previous episode, we witnessed the first fights on the tatami of the Other World Tournament. In Dragon Ball Z chapter 197, which we will analyze today, we will contemplate other great affronts.

Before that, we would like to remind you of something important. This afternoon, we had a new Live Z in which we updated you on the great Dragon Ball news, both nationally and in Japan. If you’re curious, we’ll leave you the direct one just below these lines!


We show you EVERYTHING NEW from DRAGON BALL! – Direct Z 03×31

Torbie vs. Tapkar

The fight between Torbie and Tapkar starts off interestingly, with Tapkar showcasing his incredible speed. However, he goes too far and ends up getting tired, leading to his elimination.

Maraiko vs. Froug

The second encounter introduces us to Maraiko and Froug, who have an exciting battle. Froug’s unique ability to inflate himself makes for a thrilling fight, but ultimately, Maraiko’s supernatural strength gives him victory.

Goku vs. Arqua

Dragon Ball fans are in for a treat in the next fight as the Saiyan faces off against Arqua, a unique aquatic being. The fight takes a dangerous turn when Arqua turns the tatami into a water enclave, almost drowning Goku. However, he escapes and executes his Taiyo-ken to achieve victory.

Olibu vs. Paikuhan

Olibu and Paikuhan’s fight is serious combat and the most physical one of the tournament, with both fighters giving it their all. The fight ends with a victory for Paikuhan.


  1. A unique angel in the stands holding a universal banner and symbol in the stands with the spectators seems to be a heavenly language exclusive to the world of Dragon Ball.
  2. The fight between Olibu and Paikuhan teaches us an important lesson about sportsmanship, with both fighters shaking hands at the end of the fight.

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