Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22’s Character Design for PS1 – Discover How the Game Mirrored the Iconic TV Series

An Informative Gem on Dragon Ball Z Games of the Past

If you’re a fan of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z franchise and you lived through the furor of the series in the 90s, you might remember playing the mythical PlayStation game Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22. Or maybe you played the even better Sega Saturn game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butouden. These games sported Dragon Ball Z characters like we’ve never seen before.

Fans have always wondered how the characters could look so good in these games. The graphics were so faithful to the series that it seemed like the characters were taken directly from the episodes we watched in the mornings at Club Megatrix. Little did we know that over 10,000 celluloids were made exclusively for the title, like those made in the anime series, for the 27 characters in the game. Each fighter had over 300 celluloids made just to be as faithful as possible to the series.

It’s black magic on your PS1! Although cel-shading technique was introduced later on, the graphic aspect of the characters in these games was one of the most faithful in history. You’d be surprised to know that the characters were drawn by hand by Toei Animation’s own artists, making the images really addictive and something out of the anime.

However, these fantastic character graphics clashed with the bland three-dimensional scenes. In this regard, the Shin Butouden game greatly remedied this issue.

This fascinating insight into the graphic design of these old games was shared by Dr. Raichi on Twitter. He found an interview conducted by PlayStation Player Magazine with Daisuke Uchiyama, the producer of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22.

Overall, these games were a bestiality that fans will forever cherish. What do you think of this delightful curiosity? Did you know about the production of the graphics in these games, or is this a new discovery for you today on Hobby Consoles? Kai Kai!

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