Why Leitl remains steady despite Hannover 96’s winless streak and trainer discussion

Hannover 96: No wins, no trainer discussion!  That's why Leitl doesn't wobble

In Kiel, there is talk about coach Marcel Rapp, but sports director Uwe Stöver is stifling the discussion. Meanwhile, derby opponents Braunschweig are under pressure from managing director Peter Vollmann to focus on staying up above all else. However, there is silence from the Reds, and sports director Marcus Mann is not commenting on the coaching situation.

Despite disappointments such as three bankruptcies in the last four games and a fall in the table, there is a good reason why Stefan Leitl, the current coach for the Reds, is not shaking yet. First, the team had a good performance in the first half of the season, with seven clean sheets and only two games without a goal. They earned 28 points and even reached 5th place at the winter break.

Second, there is trust in Leitl among the team and fans. In addition, Leitl’s contract lasts for three years, so a premature separation would be costly for the club. Moreover, Leitl was a “desired coach” for the boss and head of sports, and the promotion plan for three years still holds together.

While the Reds have suffered three home defeats in a row, the cut is good, and the mood is not bad yet. The team is hopeful that they can turn things around and make a sensational rise, as Leitl did with Fürth.

However, on Sunday at the derby, everything will be put to the test. The pressure will be high for the Reds to perform well and secure a win. Only time will tell if Leitl can successfully lead the team to victory and come out of the crisis still standing strong.

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