Was There an Illicit Relationship Between Karely Ruiz and Andrés García?

Andrés García: The Gallant

Andrés García was known for his reputation as a gallant, as he had a sea of women who could not resist his charms. One of his most controversial encounters was with the visit of Karely Ruiz to his ranch.

The Photo Gallery

The highest-paid model of OnlyFans, Karely Ruiz surprised many when she shared a photo gallery on her social media handles, where she posed in a revealing swimsuit next to the actor. The photos showcased an intimate approach between them during the moment, leading many to speculate that there was more to their visit than met the eye.

More Than A Simple Visit?

Some rumors suggested that Karely’s visit sent Andrés to the hospital. The photo gallery has more than 12 thousand “likes” and hundreds of reactions.

The Joke

Andrés joked about the rumors surrounding his hospitalization from Karely’s visit. He commented, “Dear friends, it is said that the visit of Karely Ruiz was the one that caused my visit to the hospital. Will it be true? I’ll show you how the coexistence was in a video later.”

Collaboration And Coexistence

Karely clarified in an interview that the visit was all about collaboration and coexistence and that there was nothing more than just a pleasant conversation between them.

“I was with him, not just anyone. I collaborated with him, not being with him here in another aspect. Not yet. No kisses either, nothing,” Ruiz said.

The Goodbye

After the death of Andrés García on April 4, Karely Ruiz wrote a heartfelt message to say goodbye to the Mexican actor. She thanked him for the time they spent together and called him one of the greatest in Mexico.

“Grateful to have met Andrés García in this life, fly high, you were and will be one of the greatest in Mexico,” Ruiz said.

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