Actor Andrés García’s Health Deteriorates, Urgent Blood Request Issued

Andrés García’s Health Concerns

Andrés García, a famous actor, has been causing a lot of concern about his state of health. Recently, his wife updated his health status, and his followers are worried about his deteriorating condition. In the past months, Andrés García has been facing health complications and has been unable to stabilize.

Need for Blood Transfusion

His wife, Margarita Portillo, announced in a YouTube video that Andrés García has a low hemoglobin level and requires a blood transfusion. However, the situation is more difficult as Andrés García has O-negative blood, making it hard to find a matching donor. Margarita Portillo has been working tirelessly to get the blood he needs but admits that it’s not an easy task.

Liver Complications

The 81-year-old actor is also facing liver-related health complications due to liver cirrhosis. He spends most of his time lying in bed since he is unable to walk anymore. Despite being weak, Andrés García is aware of the situation and makes plans, but sometimes he is also in a bad state of health.

Caring for Andrés García

Margarita Portillo has been caring for her husband for several years and is committed to taking care of him during these trying times. She has asked the public to pray for his speedy recovery and not lose hope. She believes that receiving the blood he needs as soon as possible will considerably improve his condition.

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