Did Andrés García and María Félix Really Have an Affair?

Andrés García’s YouTube Channel

After the death of Andrés García, many of his followers remembered when the actor had a YouTube channel where he narrated anecdotes. In one of his most controversial videos, the actor shared that he was quite close to dating María Félix, however, the romance never came true.

Did Andrés García Have an Affair with María Félix?

In the video titled “Is it true that you fought against El Santo, the masked man of Silver?” García revealed that his friendship with “La Doña” did not become a relationship because the actor was afraid of such a woman.

María Félix’s Charm

The actor who put on the famous bombilla said that Félix was always very affectionate and talked about the time they met in France. “She was charming with me, where I was, once we met in Paris.”

Andrés García’s Fear of María Félix

In the video posted on YouTube, Andrés García reiterated his fear of the leading actress. “She is the only woman who has scared me. I said: ‘What if I fall in love?'” The actor added. In another clip shared on April 30, 2022, he pointed out that on several occasions he told La Doña that he did not want to have a problem with her husband, but she replied: “No, go fuck her mother.”

Current Partner of Andrés García

By the year 2000, the Pedro Navaja actor began a relationship with Margarita Portillo, and it was in 2011, according to interviews, when they got married. The spouses have remained together ever since, despite the fact that in July 2020 Andrés revealed that he was in the process of divorcing. But how was this love story born? It was Margarita herself who in 2013 told Ventaneando América that they met shortly after Hurricane Paulina passed in Acapulco, Guerrero; then the crush was immediate.

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