Vicky Leandros Begins Her Farewell Tour in Hamburg

Vicky Leandros starts farewell tour in Hamburg

Vicky Leandros, the world-renowned singer, is embarking on her last tour starting next week. The tour will begin with sold-out concerts in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie on March 25, accompanied by a surprise third concert on the previous Friday, making it three concerts in two days- a first for the solo artist.

When asked what prompted the additional concert, Vicky told BILD exclusively that her fans had sent her a clear message: they did not want to see her go yet. She expressed her happiness that she could fulfil their wishes and give a third concert.

Despite the gruelling tour schedule, Vicky has been keeping fit and healthy with daily sports activities that last an hour.

As this tour signals an end to her stage performances, Vicky admits that she’s not sure of what lies ahead. Saying goodbye to her fans for good may leave her feeling emotional and uncertain. She may even shed a few tears.

However, Vicky looks forward to having more time for herself and her family after retiring from the stage performances. She’s also excited to find out if she enjoys holidays since she admits not having much experience with them.

As Vicky Leandros bids farewell to her fans in Hamburg, it’s evident that she’ll go out with a bang.

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