Leaked Super Mario Bros. Movie Steelbook Raises Anticipation for Upcoming Release

The Super Mario Bros. movie is set to release on April 5th, 2022, but the domestic release has already been leaked. For all Nintendo and Super Mario collectors out there, the “Power Up Edition” of the movie will be available in a steelbook starting June 6th. The image of the leaked steelbook shows a mushroom on a black background. While this design is classy, it’s an odd artistic choice compared to the colorful world of Super Mario created by Illumination, as seen in the interior art on the box. However, it could be a preliminary design, and there may be other steelbook designs.

This steelbook design will be exclusive to BestBuy in the United States, and we will have to wait and see which design and when this edition will arrive in Spain. The Super Mario Bros. movie is expected to become a massive blockbuster, with estimates pointing towards an $80-90 million opening weekend. This would easily make it the highest-grossing movie based on video games of all time.

Currently, the highest-grossing movies based on video games are around $400 million. These include Warcraft, Detective Pikachu, Rampage, Sonic 2 and Uncharted. However, the popularity of Super Mario, the fact that it’s an animated family film, and the excitement it has generated in all its trailers suggest that it should easily exceed this figure.

Illumination’s 12 films’ box office average is almost $700 million, and two of them (Minions and Gru 3) exceeded $1 billion. It remains to be seen if Super Mario Bros. can beat the success of Illumination’s Minions. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see the movie in theaters and to add the steelbook edition to our Super Mario collections.

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