The Ultimate Quiz on 30 Years of The Settlers

#TGIQF - The quiz about 30 years of The Settlers

30 years ago today, The Settlers, the first part of the well-known construction series, came onto the market. Although in the beginning only a few pixel-sized little men scurried across the screen, it was fascinating to watch them at work even back then: whether they were lumberjacks, blacksmiths or bakers – it was simply beautiful how little by little a small world was created.

Many other parts along with offshoots and revisions have come onto the market to date – some more, some less successful. To this day, there is a large fan base for the bustling construction games.

For the anniversary, we want to send you into the weekend with a quiz on the popular Settlers series. The clock keeps ticking and rewards quick answers. With quick play, you can get up to 200 points in 10 questions. The score can be compared with other players in the forum. However, please refrain from using spoilers so as not to spoil the fun of the quiz for other participants.

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