Sylvie Meis’ Fairy Tale Marriage Comes to an End After Lightning Love

Sylvie Meis separated!  Marriage off after lightning love and a fairytale wedding

Sylvie Meis, 44, and Niclas Castello, 44, have confirmed their separation. The couple, who had tied the knot in September 2020, announced their decision to split exclusively to BILD. They asked for privacy and will not be answering any questions regarding their separation.

Sylvie, a presenter and model, met artist Niclas Castello at the wedding of model Barbara Meier and entrepreneur Klemens Hallmann in Venice in June 2019. Their romance progressed quickly, and four weeks later, they went on their first love vacation in southern France. Niclas proposed to Sylvie in October of the same year, and she immediately said yes.

The couple got married in September 2020 at the luxury hotel “Villa Cora” above Florence. Sylvie, who is Catholic and divorced, wore a haute couture dress by designer Galia Lahav. The couple’s registrar married them in the garden, with Sylvie’s 16-year-old son Damian from her previous marriage walking her down the aisle.

Sylvie had described her wedding as her “princess moment,” and their honeymoon on the island of Capri in the Bay of Naples was equally dreamy. The couple wanted to lead a “modern marriage” on an equal footing without any arguments, envy, or jealousy.

However, after 2.5 years, their dream of great love has burst. The couple reportedly spent the turn of the year together in the Maldives but have not been seen together since. Despite their separation, they remain respectful of each other and recognize that their life situations are too different for a future together.

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