Plagiarism Accusations Surround Catalan Reality Show: A Format vs. Genre Debate

Plagiarism Claims against ‘Eufòria’

The creators of the popular TV show ‘Operación Triunfo’, Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat, have accused the Catalan reality show ‘Eufòria’ of plagiarism. However, the producers of ‘Eufòria’, Veranda TV, have denied these allegations and stated that they have not received any legal notice from Cruz and Mainat.

Operación Euphoria?

Cruz and Mainat confirmed in a recent interview that they have filed a plagiarism claim against ‘Eufòria’ after failing to reach an agreement with TV3. They believe that the show is a replica of ‘Operación Triunfo’, whose rights are still owned by Gestmusic. If the court rules in their favor, ‘Eufòria’ will have to shut down and compensate the original creators.

Accusations of Similarities

Cruz and Mainat have been pointing out the similarities between the two formats since ‘Eufòria’ began broadcasting in 2022. They describe it as a “carbon copy” of ‘Operación Triunfo’ that reproduces the elements, mechanics, scenery, characters, and terminology of their show without acknowledging its authorship.

Veranda TV’s Response

Veranda TV denies the plagiarism allegations and claims that they have not received any legal notice from Cruz and Mainat. They argue that the accusation has no foundation and confuses format and genre. They also express surprise at the timing of the complaint and wonder why it was not made during the broadcast of season 1.

In conclusion, the plagiarism claims against ‘Eufòria’ by the creators of ‘Operación Triunfo’ have stirred up controversy. The final verdict will determine whether or not ‘Eufòria’ is legally allowed to continue, and if compensation must be paid to the original creators of the show.

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