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The Haunting Anime Series: Erased

There are some series that leave a lasting impression on your mind and continue to haunt you for a long time, just like a ghost. For me, it is ‘Erased’ that still lingers in my mind. The show arrived in Spain with the title ‘Disappeared’ and was initially available on Netflix; however, it disappeared later from streaming services. But now that it’s available again in the AnimeBox catalog, it’s the perfect time to talk about it.

Fixing Regrets

The protagonist, Satoru Fujinuma, possesses a unique power. He can go back in time and prevent tragedies from happening. After his mother’s murder, Satoru uses his powers to travel back eighteen years in the past to change the future. But little does he know that the changes he brings are not infallible nor permanent.

A Perfect Pace

Erased‘ is an addictive thriller that unravels the crimes that marked Satoru’s past at a perfect pace. Despite having knowledge of the future, Satoru is not perfect, and he has to face several challenges while trying to save his mother and childhood friends. The time jumps between the present and the past could lead to chaos, but the show manages it well.

A Tender and Nostalgic Anime

‘Erased’ is not just a thriller; it is a tremendously tender and nostalgic anime that brings back memories of Satoru’s childhood. The entire cast of characters is incredibly well-written, and the show beautifully portrays child abuse and the responsibility that adults have to protect their victims.

The Final Stretch and Animation

The animation by A-1 Pictures may not be on par with other more recent anime. Nevertheless, the show achieves a beautiful result with its pale lighting, hyper-realistic backgrounds, and natural movements. The final stretch of the story is somewhat predictable, but it is still satisfying when your predictions come true.

A Gem About Friendship and Loyalty

‘Erased’ is a true gem that portrays the importance of friendship and loyalty in the most trying times. It also reminds us that if we want to change things for the better, we have to take action- even if we can’t change the past.

Even for those who are reluctant to watch anime, ‘Erased’ is worth a watch; it is a series about fixing regrets and making things right that will stay with you forever.

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