Exploring Marc Dupré’s Emotional Journey through Childhood and Loss

Marc Dupré opens up about his difficult childhood

Marc Dupré has been in the entertainment industry for several years. Recently, he opened up about his childhood and his relationship with his father in the documentary series Like Butterflies, on True.

Absence of his father

Marc revealed that he realized at a certain moment the absence of his father more and more recurrent, until the day when the latter completely abandoned them.

I still have the memory that it was always me, my mother, and my sister already very, very young. My father was there, he worked a lot (…) Until then, at the age of 10, everything collapsed, my entire world. My father is gone, says Marc.

Bad influences

This family situation then led to a move from Montreal to Terrebonne which caused Marc to fall under bad influences. I lost all my stability (…) I rarely went to school. Then, already, at 10-11 years old, it was crazy, I had a completely… really not a good life.”

Return of his father

Just when he was starting to get better, doing some impersonations, his dad came back into the set, which only made things worse for the singer. My father came back, after four years, without seeing him once. Then, it was the most difficult moment, that’s when everything broke (…) He came back a bit like a savior (…) My father wanted to help me, he wanted to save me.”

Difficult adolescence

This difficult adolescence ended the day his father came to fetch him… from prison! My father came to sit with me and for the first time in my life, I saw my father cry. My father cried all the tears in his body in front of the police (…) It was the most beautiful thing in my life who arrived. All those years that I was lost, it’s just that I needed him.”


Subsequently, Marc became the man we know today… what a story. A very touching moment on television. Thank you, Marc, for this beautiful vulnerability.

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