Stable Diffusion: Bilder-KI ohne Cloud in c’t uplink 47.8

Stable Diffusion: Bilder-KI ohne Cloud | c’t uplink 47.8

Stable Diffusion is an AI image generator that transforms short descriptions into concrete images within minutes. Unlike other generators that use the cloud and require payment, Stable Diffusion is open source and can be easily installed on one’s own computer.

Even non-gamers can use Stable Diffusion by buying a graphics card with at least 4 gigabytes of video memory on the second-hand market, since the performance of the CPU doesn’t matter. Carsten Spille has tried out all sensible graphics cards for Stable Diffusion and recommends it in c’t 9/2023.

To install Stable Diffusion with ease, Mirko Dölle provides instructions, while Liane Dubowy guides users through the web interface of Automatic1111. The AI also has additional functions and parameters that users can easily access.

In the c’t-uplink, Pina Merkert, Dubowy, Dölle, and Spille discuss how to install and use Stable Diffusion, as well as which hardware is worthwhile. The complete episode is available for listeners and fans of the audio podcast in one go in the podcatcher, while the discussion round is split into topics of installation, web interface, and hardware for video fans and YouTube connoisseurs.

Overall, Stable Diffusion is a highly recommended AI image generator for all those interested in creating images quickly and easily on their own computer.

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