Spain’s Startling Scene: Athlete’s Unprecedented Decision to Resume Play After Cardiac Arrest

Shock scene in Spain: professional suddenly wants to continue playing after cardiac arrest

In a dramatic turn of events, the third division game between FC Cordoba and Racing de Ferrol in Spain was halted after just eleven minutes due to a serious incident. The score at the time of interruption was 1-1.

What happened next was alarming – Cordoba-Pro Dragisa Gudelj, aged 25, collapsed on the pitch. Reports suggest that he had a cardiac arrest. Panic set in as medical teams rushed in to assist him, with even an ambulance being summoned onto the pitch. Fans in attendance were overcome with shock as scenes reminiscent of Denmark star Christian Eriksen’s recent heart drama played out before their eyes.

In a stroke of luck, the medical personnel were able to resuscitate him on the pitch. Even more incredibly, Gudelj insisted on continuing to play despite his ordeal, engaging in heated discussions with caregivers while still on a stretcher. Ultimately, he was transported to a nearby hospital for observation.

Fortunately, Cordoba released an official statement announcing that Gudelj is in stable condition. The club expressed their gratitude to the medical team that was instrumental in saving their player’s life.

The referee subsequently called off the match following the dramatic incident. It is still unclear how long Gudelj will be sidelined for and what health precautions will be implemented as a result of his collapse. In the meantime, the football world waits with bated breath to see if he will be able to return to the game, much like Christian Eriksen, who had to have a pacemaker fitted before resuming his career.

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