RTL Eliminates One of the DSDS Favorites

The DSDS jury may have a favorite singer that viewers have not seen yet. During the “DSDS” recall in Mallorca, viewers were captivated by the performances of Sem Eisinger, Felix Gleixner, and Lorent Berisha as they sang “Unchained Melody” by “The Righteous Brothers”. But what viewers did not see was that there was allegedly a fourth singer who was intentionally cut out from the broadcast.

According to an article by “Bild”, the unnamed fourth singer was so impressive that the judges voted him into the top 10 and into the live shows, which start in April. The fourth singer is said to be Marvin Jung, who comes from Schwarzborn. However, he reportedly decided not to sign the contract for the live shows due to personal reasons and not feeling comfortable with the DSDS concept.

The other candidates and jury were not informed of this decision. One candidate said that they were told not to establish contact with the fourth singer and to stop discussing him. It was assumed at first that the fourth singer had a bad incident.

An RTL spokesman said to “Bild” that there is still enough time to resolve personal disputes, and they are hoping that the fourth singer will participate in the live shows. This year marks the 20th anniversary of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, and the show has faced several challenges, including smoothing out the waves caused by juror Dieter Bohlen’s sexist comments.

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