Allegation of Teacher Harassing 8th Grader Paris Hilton: Claims ‘He Kissed Me in the Car!’

8th grader Paris Hilton harassed by teacher: 'He kissed me in the car!'

Paris Hilton Opens Up About Inappropriate Relationship with Teacher

Paris Hilton has recently revealed in her new biography, Paris: The Memoir that she was harassed by a teacher when she was a teenager. The 42-year-old celebrity shared her experience in the book, mentioning how the teacher whom she calls Mr. Abercrombie, had a crush on her.

Hilton mentioned that the teacher used to call her every night and talk for hours, saying things like how mature, beautiful, intelligent, sensual, misunderstood and special she was. She then mentioned that Mr. Abercrombie actually visited her secretly one evening when her parents weren’t home.

The teacher reportedly pulled Hilton into his arms and kissed her inside his car. Afterward, when they got home, the teacher apparently blamed Hilton for what happened, saying, “Why did you make me do this?”

For years, Hilton denied what happened as she didn’t want to deal with the inappropriate relationship. However, in her book, she talks about the incident and describes how the teacher went too far. Hilton also mentioned how challenging it was to learn and pronounce the word pedophile and hold Mr. Abercrombie accountable.

Hilton said that she hopes that her new book would help people understand her better and that there is more to her than what people see on the surface. She also mentioned how revealing the truth was therapeutic for her, along with talking about some of her traumas in the past.

Paris Hilton has been in the limelight for years, and with her new book, she aims to show different sides of herself to her fans, readers and the public alike.

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