Referee Boss Dismisses Claim of Uefa Complaint Against him

"Uefa didn't complain to me": referee boss countered Gräfe

UEFA Displeased with German Referees?

Ex-Fifa referee Manuel Graefe (49) had previously stated in a BILD interview that UEFA was unhappy with the performance of German referees. However, DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich (65) contradicts this statement. He claims that he has not received any complaints from UEFA representatives about the quality of the German referees. In fact, at a recent symposium, the feedback regarding German referees was positive.

A Crisis Meeting?

Manuel Graefe also mentioned a crisis meeting of the ten German Fifa referees. However, Fröhlich says that it wasn’t a crisis meeting. It was a short-term meeting to prepare for an exchange with trainers. The main topic of discussion was the interaction between referees and coaches.

Fröhlich denies that the meeting had anything to do with poor performance or a crisis.

The VAR Controversy

Fröhlich also commented on the controversial VAR decision during the Bayern versus Gladbach match. He admits that the referee’s initial decision was not ideal. However, he insists that the VAR worked perfectly, and the final decision was right. He hopes that referees will learn to make correct decisions to avoid VAR interventions in the future.

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