Product Management for Hardware Products: The Essential Guide for Workers

The product workers: product management for hardware products

Product Workers Podcast Discusses Product Management for Hardware Products

The Product Workers podcast, which features discussions on digital products, recently invited Bernadette von Wittern to speak about her expertise in product management for hardware products. Von Wittern, who was previously a product manager in medical technology, went on to start her own company, Product Lounge, in 2020.

During her appearance on the podcast, von Wittern discussed the tasks and responsibilities involved in product management specifically for the hardware sector. She also shared some insights from a current study she conducted while revising a product management book, which analyzed what product managers in the hardware industry typically face on a day-to-day basis and what makes them successful and personally satisfied.

Towards the end of the podcast episode, the discussion shifted towards salary differences between male and female product managers. As usual, the hosts offered some tips and tricks to wrap up the episode.

For those interested in learning more about product management in hardware products, the Product Workers podcast also has a blog post on the topic.

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