American Faces Life in Prison After ‘Wedding of the Century’ in Paris for Shooting Texas Police Officers

Jacob Lagrone and Madelaine Brockway celebrated their wedding in the most romantic places in the capital of Paris just a few days ago. However, the groom was facing the possibility of life in prison in the United States. On November 30th, he appeared in front of a Texas court for aggravated assault against police officers.

After the “wedding of the century,” Jacob Lagrone attended a court hearing on November 30th in Texas alongside a bodyguard, without his wife in sight. The 29-year-old American appeared in the Tarrant County courthouse in North Texas for having shot three police officers, a crime that carries a potential life sentence. Less than two weeks before, Jacob Lagrone had said “I do” to Madelaine Brockway, a wealthy American heiress, during five days of luxurious festivities in Paris, followed by millions of people on TikTok.

The alleged incident took place eight months ago in Westworth Village, Texas. On March 14th, three police officers who responded to reports of gunshots at a residence were “fired upon” by Jacob LaGrone, according to a statement from municipal authorities cited by the Washington Post. An indictment states that the accused “intentionally and knowingly threatened [the officers] with imminent bodily injury” and “used or exhibited a deadly weapon during the assault, namely a firearm.”

If found guilty, Jacob Lagrone could face a sentence ranging from less than five years to life imprisonment, in accordance with Texas law. Following his arrest in March, the accused posted a $20,000 bond to be released. In August, he was offered a plea deal of 25 years in prison by the Tarrant County prosecutor’s office, according to court documents. Jacob Lagrone’s lawyer and the prosecutor’s office spokesperson have not yet issued any comments.

Despite the impending legal issues, Jacob Lagrone and Madelaine Brockway’s elaborate wedding in Paris garnered attention across the globe, resembling a spin-off of the popular series “Emily in Paris” favored by Americans. For five days, they celebrated their union with lavish festivities that were shared on social media, with hashtags like #weddingofthecentury gaining popularity.

Jacob Lagrone, a former student at the University of Mississippi, and Madelaine Brockway, the daughter of a Mercedes-Benz dealership group owner in Florida and an independent entrepreneur, privatized iconic locations in the city of love. From brunch and photo shoots at the Eiffel Tower to an evening at the Palais Garnier, and a night at the Château de Versailles, their wedding celebration was estimated to have cost around 54 million euros.

Upon returning to the justice system on November 30th, Jacob Lagrone, approached by a WFAA cameraman, did not comment on the indictment. Instead, his bodyguard pushed the camera away and escorted the young groom behind closed doors, away from the media attention surrounding his glamorous nuptials.

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