Paris 2024: Thousands of Hotel Reservations Cancelled by Game Organizers, A Real Disappointment

The upcoming Paris Olympic Games continue to face negative publicity. After the likely rise in hotel and accommodation prices in Paris, the Paris 2024 organization is once again making headlines, this time in Châteauroux.

The committee has decided to cancel thousands of hotel night reservations in Châteauroux, in the department of Indre, which is set to host the shooting events during the Olympics.

The reason cited for the cancellations is “less significant needs than expected.” This decision has left hoteliers in the region scrambling to find a solution for the now vacant rooms. Out of the 976 rooms reserved by the committee to accommodate the public, athletes, and staff, only 81 remain, according to a hotelier interviewed by France Bleu.

Véronique Gaulon, president of the local branch of Umih, the main employers’ union in the hotel and restaurant industry, expressed her frustration, calling the situation a “huge disappointment.”

The Olympic committee defends its actions by stating that “only” 482 rooms were released. Tony Estanguet, the head of the Games, explained that this decision will create new opportunities for spectators, athletes’ families, and event organizers in need of accommodation.

The released rooms will be quickly put back on the market to accommodate even more tourists during a critical period for France.

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