Palina Rojinski Announces Engagement ¡

Palina Rojinski – engagement burst!

Palina Rojinski: From Newly Engaged to Newly Single

At a celebrity dinner in the luxurious “Mandarin Oriental” hotel in Munich, Germany, emotions were running high for Palina Rojinski. While GNTM winner Stefanie Giesinger was celebrating her new relationship with her partner Jeremy, Palina sat beside her, looking a little downcast. Shortly after the event, the news broke: Palina Rojinski and her boyfriend had secretly ended their relationship weeks before.

When questioned about her relationship status at the dinner, Palina remained tight-lipped. However, the following day, she took to social media to confirm the rumours: “I wanted to announce that the engagement has been dissolved and I’ve been looking forward to my new phase of life for a long time.”

Palina had previously confirmed her engagement to her Russian fiancé, Ilya M., in January 2022. Palina and Ilya had attended a celebrity wedding in Spain the previous year. Speaking about their relationship, Palina had said: “Humor has always been important to me and my fiancé, and I just have the best sense of humor together.” She had also expressed her desire to get married: “Just friends, no commitments, and that I don’t have to worry about anything. It has to be very comfortable shoes. It would be very nice to leave the planning to someone else.”

The reasons for the engagement’s breakup have not been made public by Palina, but fans and friends alike are supporting her through this difficult time. Despite the separation, Palina remains a successful TV presenter and part-time astrologer, known for her positive outlook and infectious personality. As she embarks on this new phase of her life, we wish Palina all the best in the pursuit of new love and happiness.

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