Victoria Swarovski’s Separation: The Need for Moving Out

Victoria Swarovski: Separation!  She should already have moved out

Victoria Swarovski, the 29-year-old presenter known for her role on “Let’s Dance”, has officially confirmed her separation from husband Werner Mürz. Despite smiling professionally during her on-screen appearance, Victoria has been dealing with the end of her six-year marriage in private.

Reports of an impending split circulated in Munich society for a while, and the gemstone heiress has apparently already moved out of the couple’s shared villa. Although rumors suggest that the age difference of 17 years may have been a factor in their separation, the reason for the split remains unknown.

The former couple wed in May 2017 in Kitzbühel and their church wedding in Italy was considered a major event. The nuptials were celebrated with the likes of moderator colleague Sylvie Meis, and musician Kay One among their guests.

Victoria had been vocal about her desire to start a family with Werner in the future. In a 2022 interview with BILD, she spoke of her husband’s love for children and her own desire to become a mom. However, for now, Victoria’s focus is on her flourishing career, and she has asked for privacy during this difficult time.

The management of the presenter has only confirmed that the split was amicable and has asked that the public respect the couple’s privacy. Fans of “Let’s Dance” can expect to see Victoria smiling and leading the show, despite the emotional upheaval of her private life.

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