Netflix Explores a Game-Changing Formula with Historic New Series

Revolutionizing TV Series: Netflix’s Model

When Netflix first started out, its goal was to revolutionalize the world of television series. They did this through their commitment to launching complete seasons and without going through the pilot box. This model remained until the latest development in the ‘Little Sky‘ series.

‘Little Sky’ Series: A Different Approach

‘Little Sky’ is a comedy about Penelope, a woman who would do anything to become a live reporter for a respected newscast. The series creator, Rightor Doyle, develops the plot around her character, who travels to a remote town unaware of the darkness and complexity she would find there. Samara Weaving (‘Wedding Night’) plays the leading character.

An Unprecedented Move by Netflix

What makes ‘Little Sky’ an exceptional case for Netflix is that it commissioned a pilot episode for the first time. The purpose was to determine whether they would be willing to commit to making the series. This is a move that American networks have made for countless years, making it surprising that Netflix is now resorting to such an approach.

To this day, Netflix has used the first seasons of many series as an extensive pilot, which has led to numerous cancellations. While this decision could prevent the early deaths of its series, it remains to be seen whether Netflix will use this regularly. For now, the case of ‘Little Sky’ remains unique and unprecedented.

However, it’s possible that Netflix may use this approach again in specific cases, provided they are satisfied with the results.

The Best Netflix Series in 2023

For now, ‘Little Sky’ stands out among the best of Netflix’s television series. We hope that Netflix’s new model will be successful in maintaining the quality of their shows.

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