Discover how Marlene Favela prioritizes her daughter as a Kangaroo Mother

Marlene Favela – The Kangaroo Mom

Marlene Favela, a Mexican actress, is known for her roles in various telenovelas. However, her most important role now is that of a mother. She gave birth to her daughter, Bella, in June 2020, and has been a dedicated mother ever since.

Priority – Daughter before everything

For Favela, her daughter Bella is her priority. She has been a hands-on mother, and everything else comes secondary to her daughter’s well-being. She has been very vocal about how motherhood has changed her life, and how she has embraced this new role wholeheartedly.

Kangaroo Mother

Favela refers to herself as a “kangaroo mother,” which means that she practices kangaroo care. This method involves holding a baby skin-to-skin, promoting bonding, and providing many health benefits to the newborn. According to Favela, this has been the best decision she has ever made for her daughter.

The Best Role of Her Life

Favela has said that motherhood is the best role of her life, and she wouldn’t change it for anything. She is grateful for the support of her husband, George Seely, who has been a rock for her throughout this journey. She has also expressed gratitude for the support of her fans and followers, who have showered her with love and encouragement.


Marlene Favela is a doting mother, who has embraced motherhood with open arms. She has put her daughter’s needs first, and everything else comes second. Favela’s commitment to kangaroo care has also been exemplary, and she has only positive things to say about this method. Motherhood may be challenging at times, but for Favela, it has been the best role of her life.

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