Marie Reim Goes Bald

"Unusual": Marie Reim has her hair off

Marie Reim, the daughter of hit stars Matthias Reim and Michelle, has surprised fans with a new haircut. Just a month ago, the 22-year-old singer showed off her new tour hairstyle, a bob that reached just over the chin. However, her hair is now much shorter than before.

To explain her decision, Marie Reim posted a new photo on Instagram, where she revealed that she wants to work with wigs in the future. “As many colors and styles as I want to try – I shouldn’t do (anymore) with my natural hair,” she wrote.

Although she now wears short hair in her personal life, fans can apparently look forward to different looks during her shows. Many fans have commented on her new hairstyle, with one user writing, “It suits you absolutely.”

Marie Reim’s parents were in a relationship from 1999 to 2001. Michelle has two other daughters from other relationships, while Matthias Reim has a total of seven children with six different women. The youngest offspring was born last year, a daughter named Zoe whom he has together with his colleague Christin Stark.

Previously, Marie Reim had shown off her “new hairstyle for the upcoming tour” on February 16, which had also received a positive response from fans, including “Bergdoktor” star Ronja Forcher. “Wow! First: Looks great! Second: How cool is that?” she wrote.

While Marie Reim’s hairstyles may continue to change in the future, her fans are excited to see what new looks she will bring to her performances, adorned with her collection of wigs.

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