MultiVersus: Server Shutdown Until 2024 Official Launch

MultiVersus: The Super Smash Bros. Clone Featuring Warner Bros. Franchises Is Closing Its Doors

MultiVersus, the popular Super Smash Bros. clone featuring characters from Warner Bros. franchises, will be closing its doors this summer after a successful open beta. The game, which features popular movie and television characters and addictive gameplay, will give way to an official launch in 2024.

However, before the anticipated launch, MultiVersus will cease almost all of its online functionality, and will not be playable until the official release in 2024. Key dates to remember include April 4, when it will no longer be possible to download the game or purchase Gleamium, and June 25, when the open beta and season 2 will end and the online servers will be closed.

If you have already downloaded the game, you will be able to play it offline, but in a limited way. MultiVersus promises “limited offline access” to training mode (The Lab) and local games, as well as previously purchased characters and skins. However, you will not be able to play with other characters that you did not have, since the online functions are closed.

Despite a successful launch in the summer of 2022 with 150,000 concurrent players on Steam, MultiVersus dropped to less than 1,000 players on average in recent weeks, due to the total stoppage of news. MultiVersus admits that there is a lot to change before the official launch, including the cadence of new characters, maps and modes, system of progression, and netcode and matchmaking improvements.

In conclusion, MultiVersus, with its exciting new characters and innovative gameplay, has won the hearts of thousands of players. Although there are some changes to be made, many fans eagerly await the official launch in 2024. If you haven’t downloaded MultiVersus yet, you have until April 4th to do so and continue playing with your friends in local mode.

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