Kalimba shares their personal journey with a bipolar diagnosis for a year

Kalimba Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Kalimba has announced that he is not afraid of the lawsuit filed by Melissa Galindo against him for alleged sexual assault. The popular singer-songwriter plans to continue with the legal process to clear his name and reputation. Galindo’s allegations became public on March 28, with the OV7 member being accused of multiple sexual assaults.

The singer has stated that he is innocent of the charges against him, backed up by a battery of evidence. Two weeks ago, he announced that he would take legal action for defamation since he denies that the singer’s statements are true. He reported that the civil lawsuit that he will file will be carried out by his legal team once the Easter period has passed.

“I have nothing to fear and I am not going to allow my image to continue being damaged in the way they have done,” Kalimba states. “This complaint is an opportunity to clean up my image.”

Galindo’s accusations have caused moral and economic damage to Kalimba, he claims. He has instructed his lawyer to appear before the Attorney General of Mexico City for clarification of the facts.

In recent weeks, Kalimba has also spoken out about being diagnosed with second-degree bipolarity a year ago. He believes that people have a misunderstanding of the condition, referring to it as “suddenly in good health and suddenly bad.” The singer explained that the issue affects his emotions and causes euphoria, rather than happiness, and depression.

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