Julia Beautx Shines on Let’s Dance 2023 with Impressive Progression

Julia Beautx on "Let's Dance" 2023: She improves show after show

Julia Beautx: Influencer, Singer, Actress and Dancer

Julia Beautx has become a sensation on social media, with millions of followers and subscribers. In addition to being an influencer, Julia is also a singer and actress. She is currently a participant in the popular show, “Let’s Dance”, which has given her even more exposure.

Dancing with Szolt Sándor Cseke, things didn’t go so well for Julia on the introductory show. However, she was able to improve by leaps and bounds, defeating her nemesis in episode 2 with her explosive cha cha cha performance. The judges rewarded her with a record-breaking 22 points.

In episode 3, Julia stepped up her game, performing a daring, sensual and fiery tango routine with dance professional Zsolt Sandor Cseke. The jury was impressed, awarding her and her partner 27 points.

Julia’s career began with her YouTube channel, which she started in 2013. She shares her beauty favorites, hauls, DIYs, life hacks and serves as an advisor. She also appeared on TV in various talk shows and even presented the “Ninja Warrior Germany Kids” and “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards”.

In 2020, she won the “Favorite Social Star” category at the “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards”. Julia also played the protagonist in the ZDF drama series, “Yesterday we were still children”, where she aims to solve the murder of her mother.

Apart from her successful career, Julia is also in a relationship with her boyfriend, Matthias Schubert. In 2023, she left her hometown of Dortmund to move to Mainz to be with him.

Julia’s music career includes several popular titles such as “Ego”, “Come Again”, “Mars”, “Happier Alone” and “Always You”. With her talent and charm, it’s no wonder that Julia is one of the most popular young stars in Germany today.

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