Jackson Irvine Scores Double with Foot, Boosting FC St. Pauli

FC St. Pauli: double pack!  Now Jackson Irvine can do it with his foot

Jackson Irvine, the Australian midfielder for FC St. Pauli, recently scored his first goal of the season with his foot – an achievement he hasn’t accomplished in over two years. Prior to this goal, Irvine had scored all of his previous five goals of the season and one goal in the 2021/22 season with his head.

Irvine was especially pleased with his goal, laughing and joking about it afterwards. He credited his teammate, Paqarada, for the fantastic assist that made it possible.

In addition to Irvine’s goal-scoring achievement, FC St. Pauli enjoyed a fantastic game against Sandhausen. Fans of the team were excited to see their club dominate the match and score three goals, with Irvine responsible for two of them.

After the match, the international break began, which gave Irvine and teammate Connor Metcalfe the opportunity to represent Australia in two games against Ecuador. Irvine was optimistic about the team’s chances, and he believed that the league break came at the right time for FC St. Pauli, as they could recharge, refresh and return stronger.

All in all, Irvine and his team had a fantastic start to the season, and their success will no doubt continue as they work hard to reach their goals. Fans will be eagerly watching as Irvine continues to make strides and hopefully, score more goals with his foot.

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