Heidi’s Kids’ Opinion of Tom Kaulitz Unveiled by Himself

Tom Kaulitz reveals what Heidi's kids have to say about him

Heidi Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, are a happy patchwork family with Heidi’s children from previous relationships. However, Tom’s German language skills have been called into question by the kids recently. In a recent podcast episode, Tom admits that Heidi’s kids find fault with his German language skills, but he thinks it might be because he mumbles when he speaks. Nevertheless, Tom and his twin brother, Bill, are planning to invite former Chancellor Angela Merkel to their podcast, and Bill is worried about the spelling in the letter as he only went to eighth grade. Despite dropping out of school after 10th grade, Tom assures everyone that his German language skills are excellent.

In addition to discussing their German language skills, the podcast episode also covered a sad topic: the loss of the family dog, Capper. The German short-haired male originally belonged to Tom and Bill but lived with Heidi and Tom along with their dog, Anton. Bill revealed that he was still crying over the loss of his beloved Capper on the podcast episode.

Overall, the Klum-Kaulitz family seems to be a happy one, despite the occasional criticism of language skills and the loss of their furry family member.

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