Just Dance 2023 brings the ultimate crossover with Eurovision to the dancefloor

The Eurovision Song Contest Meets Just Dance in 2023 Edition

The month of May is synonymous with many things, and few things are as rooted in this time of year as the Eurovision Song Contest: loved by many, hated by some, but followed by all, especially now that Spain is beginning to take it seriously.

For years, fans of Just Dance, the most famous dance game on the market, have been imploring Ubisoft to include Eurovision content. And it has finally come true with the Just Dance 2023 Edition.

Eurofins Rejoice: Ubisoft Signs up for Eurovision

Ubisoft has confirmed that the next season of Just Dance 2023 Edition, available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, will be dedicated to Eurovision. The Eurovision season (which will be the game’s second, after “Lover Coaster”) begins on May 9, the same day that the first Semifinal is held at this year’s festival, which takes place in Liverpool.

New Eurovision Songs for Just Dance 2023 Edition

In it, new songs to dance to from the history of the Eurovision Song Contest are expected (if you are subscribed to Just Dance +, of course). The announcement has aroused euphoria among Eurofans, who are looking forward to seeing the reaction of Just Dance players in the Americas to the phenomenon that is Eurovision in Europe… although increasingly globalized.

Voting from Outside Europe Allowed in Just Dance

In fact, this edition will be the first to allow voting from other countries outside the continent, as Ubisoft itself explains through an educational video. This year’s Spanish representative, Blanca Paloma, starts as one of the favorites in the pools, and many expect another “pigeon” to be repeated like last year, when Chanel was in third place historically (and highly debated due to the vote count), although the winner by a landslide was Ukraine.

Experience the Excitement of Eurovision with Just Dance 2023

Remember, if you want to experience the excitement of Eurovision with Just Dance 2023, you can do so in the new season that begins on May 9, the same week The semifinals and the grand final of Eurovision 2023 are held.

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