Heidi Klum Joins GNTM Makeover in the Sink

GNTM makeover: And Heidi Klum is also in the sink …

The Most Feared Episode of Germany’s Next Top Model is Here: The Big Makeover

Snap, snap, hair off! That’s the sound of the big makeover on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Today, the contestants will face the most feared episode of the show. There’s always a lot of water left at least when it comes to the girls’ tears. Crying, screaming, and nervous breakdowns are expected.

In her Instagram story, Heidi Klum posted a bunch of pictures before today’s show of how she hangs over the sink. Unlike many of the up-and-coming models, however, she has a smile on her face. Whether the girls are spared a complete type change? Hardly. The makeover is legendary for some blatant scissor cuts.

Candidate Selma, who is just 18 years old, is particularly worried about her brown mane. However, she’s in for a surprise as she gets a color change that has never existed before on GNTM. Another candidate, Sarah, fights back tears as she is due for a makeover. The change in type brings the 20-year-old to her mental limits. “I feel very bad,” she says, shocked. Heidi rushes over to support and holds her model pupil’s hand.

But can Klum convince Sarah to finally part with her Rapunzel mane? That will be shown tonight on ProSieben at 8:15 pm.

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