GNTM Contestant Somajia Bullied for Skin Color as a Child

GNTM-Somajia bullied as a child: They said my skin color looked "like shit"

Somajia, a 21-year-old candidate in the 18th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model,” has demonstrated the self-confidence, charisma, and unique qualities required for a successful career on the international catwalks. The young model took the initiative to give herself a stage name “Black Pearl” during a video shoot, impressing even the show’s host and judge, Heidi Klum. However, Somajia’s self-confidence wasn’t always present in her life. In her youth, she was repeatedly targeted by racist attacks.

Somajia’s experiences with racism began as early as the third grade and have continued to this day. However, she has changed the way she reacts to such abuse, choosing not to let it affect her anymore. Somajia’s features, including her hair and skin color, were often ridiculed by those who excluded her from the crowd. Even her teachers accused her of wrongdoing without any evidence once.

Somajia’s parents, originating from Togo, tried to support her by talking with her schoolteachers, but nothing seems to have been done. The young model had to endure racist comments even outside of school, showing how the social issue of racism is ingrained deeply in some societies. Despite experiencing such traumatic moments, Somajia refused just to stay quiet and decided to fight back.

Despite the pain and scars, Somajia’s fighting spirit remains undiminished. At GNTM, she stands out for her loud but likable nature, and her experiences have helped her establish her unique identity. Somajia embraced her imperfections; this attitude has made her an inspiration to many, reflecting the message that everyone should accept who they are.

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