FC Bayern’s Lea Schüller Condemns Top Clubs Like Dortmund

Lea Schüller from FC Bayern criticizes top clubs like Dortmund

Lea Schüller, the national striker for Bayern, has been making headlines on and off the field. On Tuesday, she helped lead Bayern to a Champions League win against Arsenal, and on Saturday, she helped secure a victory against Wolfsburg and the Bundesliga lead after being substituted on.

But it’s her appearance on the cover of German Vogue that has really created a wow effect. Schüller primarily presents chic clothes in the fashion magazine, although she admits to preferring to wear jeans or sweatpants in her personal life.

Despite her preference for comfortable clothing, Schüller has developed a taste for pantsuits. She admires her mother’s professional attire and hopes to wear pantsuits when she eventually works after her football career.

Schüller also discusses her fondness for earrings, although it’s for a curious reason. She says, I wear earrings because I think I look awful without them. I just don’t like my ears that much.”

In addition to her fashion choices, Schüller talks about her long-distance relationship with Austrian professional sailor Lara Vadlau. She acknowledges that maintaining a long-distance relationship is difficult, but the two share an understanding of each other’s passion for their respective sports.

Schüller also criticizes top German clubs, like Borussia Dortmund, for not consistently investing in women’s football. She argues that if these clubs really aim to succeed in the Bundesliga or win championship titles, they should have similarly ambitious goals for their women’s football teams.

Lea Schüller’s impressive performances on the field and her appearances in German Vogue demonstrate that she’s a force to be reckoned with in both sports and fashion.

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