Bremen’s latest acquisition: Lee Buchanan, a speedy gem from England!

Werder Bremen: England jewel Lee Buchanan with pace on the go

Lee Buchanan’s Struggle in Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen’s signing of Lee Buchanan (22) has not been a successful story so far. The talented footballer came from Derby County to Weser in the summer from the English second division, expecting to become an alternative to Tony Jung on the left flank. However, that hasn’t worked out yet.

Buchanan did find his place in the starting lineup, but he regularly came from the bank. Ole Werner, the coach, always trusted Jung despite his weak performance. Werner justified his trust in Jung, saying, “Lee has taken his time to get here. Still, Lee has a chance to get past Tony. The two are not that far apart.”

Buchanan on the Move

However, what does Buchanan have to do to become a real alternative on the left? Werner explains, “It is important that he uses his pace even better. Lee has significantly more speed than Tony. He can still take a step forward. His substitution in Gladbach was really good.”

Furthermore, the international break comes at the right time for Buchanan. He now has the opportunity in training to give it his all and strengthen himself into everyday life in the Bundesliga.

Overall, it is essential that Buchanan shows improvement if he wants to fulfill his potential in Werder Bremen. The young, talented Englishman needs to utilize his strengths and make a name for himself as a reliable player in the team.

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