E-Core Plug-and-Play: The Future of Electric Mopeds

Combustion out, electric drive in: E-Core plug-and-play for mopeds

Belgian inventor Ben Surain has developed a solution for motorcycle and scooter owners in China and India who face bans on combustion engines in many cities. Surain’s E-Core is a compact battery-motor unit that can be plugged in to replace the traditional engine. The product is designed to power small two-wheelers, including the Honda Dax, Monkey and Cub, which are used all over the world for urban transportation. The E-Core is said to have a nominal output of 2 to 3 kW, with a road-legal version planned to deliver up to 8 kW.

The E-Core version is expected to provide a solution for millions of motorcycle and scooter users. The battery can be quickly replaced and can be adapted to the area of application. The battery slides into the E-Core from the side, allowing for quick battery replacement if the owner does not want to wait for charging. The model can also be used for delivery services or rental mopeds.

Several moped manufacturers, including Piaggio, Honda, Yamaha and KTM, hope that the E-Core will work. To increase its chances, these firms have agreed on a common standard for replacement batteries.

Surain has received an inquiry from APEX-Bikes from Gräfelfing near Munich. APEX wants to give its customers the opportunity to train indoors during winter, but for this they need an emission-free drive. Surain is developing a more powerful E-Core version with a peak power of 15 kW for the company.

Surain needs money for larger series production and distribution. Together with electric motorcycle enthusiast Guy Salens, he has founded the platform “On #pushthebutton” to look for sponsors. His goal is to produce the E-Core in large numbers so that owners of combustion motorcycles can continue to drive with zero local emissions in the future.

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