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Clothes Make the Man: British Influencer’s “Flodder” Royal Family Goes Viral

We often hear the saying “clothes make the man,” and British influencer Becca Brandon takes this to a whole new level. Brandon has recently posted videos on TikTok of the British royal family members in what she calls their “Flodder” variant, complete with unshaven and bald heads, face tattoos, and dressing gowns.

Surprisingly, this unconventional way of portraying the royals has garnered a lot of attention, with Brandon’s videos receiving nearly five million views. The most interesting part is that people seem to like the new “Flodder” versions of the royals, with many commenting that Prince William looks much better with a shaved head and a beard.

However, not everyone approves of this new image. Some have commented that Kate Middleton, William’s wife, now looks like she belongs in a drama series called “EastEnders.” Despite these mixed reactions, one thing is clear: Prince William still looks “cool” even in a “Flodder” version.

The British royal family members have not commented on Brandon’s unusual portrayal of them, but they have stood by their traditional and classic image. In contrast, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan seem to have embraced a new style since leaving the royal family last year. Brandon has also made videos of the couple, showcasing their new and modern look.

In conclusion, clothes do make the man, but not everyone agrees on what that look should be. The British royal family members have always been known for their traditional and sophisticated attire, but Brandon’s “Flodder” variants have introduced a new and unconventional approach that has sparked lots of discussion and attention.

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