Brian Cox’s Fond Recollection of Succession Role Evident Through Admiration of Goya’s Works at Prado Museum

Final Season of Succession Begins

The highly anticipated final season of Succession has finally begun on HBO Max, with the fourth season debuting on Monday. The series has been a hit since its premiere in 2018 and has received 48 Emmy nominations, winning 13 of them.

Logan Roy’s War with His Children

In this season, fans can expect an open war between Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, and three of his four children: Roman, Shiv, and Kendall. With the series coming to an end, viewers can expect constant blows between the Roy family patriarch and his children.

Brian Cox’s Visit to the Prado Museum

One of the show’s stars, Brian Cox, recently visited the Prado Museum in Madrid and stopped at Francisco de Goya’s famous painting, Saturn devouring his son. Cox couldn’t resist making a connection between Logan Roy and the painting, jokingly mentioning the similarity between Logan devouring his own children.

Logan Roy’s Lack of Fatherly Qualities

Fans of the show know that Logan Roy is far from the father of the year. The series makes a point of proving that he is a despised character, with his children inheriting his vicious qualities in their own ways.

The Final Stabs in the Back of the Roy Family

As the final season comes to a close, fans will see the last stabs in the back of the Roy family. With every Monday bringing a new episode, viewers can expect to see even more drama and betrayal unfold until the very end.

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