Curious Numbers Prompt End to Union Becker Meetings

Curious numbers: That's why Unions Becker no longer meets

What’s Happening with Sheraldo Becker?

Sheraldo Becker, Union’s top scorer, is having a rough spell in 2023. He has yet to score a goal in any competition, despite having seven goals in the Bundesliga prior to the World Cup break. Since then, he has only managed to collect one assist in fifteen games. His last goal was in November against Augsburg, where they tied at 2-2. Recently, in their home game against Frankfurt, Becker had a goal disallowed for offside.

According to the Bundesliga database, Becker has shot 19 times in all competitions this year without success. He has gone on a drought of eleven Bundesliga games or 868 minutes without scoring a goal. But this is not a reflection of Sheraldo’s skills, according to his teammate and Union’s captain, Christopher Trimmel. Trimmel explains, “He used to have four or five chances in the game, now he has fewer. This doesn’t mean that Sheraldo has gotten any worse, the opponents are simply doing well. Just being on the pitch triggers something in the opponent.

Despite his lack of goals, Becker is still valuable to the team. He has played in all 38 competitive games so far and started 37 of them. In contrast to last season, Becker has increased his duel rate, running distance per 90 minutes, and sprints per 90 minutes.

With nine league games remaining, Becker still has plenty of time to turn things around. Union is also in the running for a spot in the Shoot Champions League.

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