Christoph Kramer Reveals Insights on Max Eberl at Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Christoph Kramer talks about Max Eberl!

Max Eberl: The Man Behind Kramer’s Signing

Christoph Kramer owes a lot to Max Eberl, Borussia Monchengladbach’s sporting director. Eberl brought Kramer from the second division to Gladbach in 2013 and in 2016, after a year in Leverkusen, he managed the spectacular return campaign. Kramer and Eberl will meet again on Saturday in Leipzig for the first time since the Eberl comeback.

Kramer’s Thoughts on Borussia’s Current Situation

Borussia has had a mediocre season so far, currently sitting at sixth place with only nine points. Kramer believes that the team is in no man’s land, but that they won’t stop playing football. With two wins in a row, the team can quickly change their position in the table. While the top six are no longer realistic, 7th place is still a viable goal.

When asked if 8 out of a possible 24 points in the new year is an acceptable claim for the team, Kramer disagrees. He believes that the team should strive for more and that sometimes, even he has bad games.

The Threat in Leipzig

Despite the recent two goals conceded in a row away from home, Kramer believes the team is not without a chance in Leipzig. However, he acknowledges that Leipzig is a really, really good team.

Kramer’s Relationship with Eberl

Kramer looks forward to seeing Max Eberl again, saying that he owes him an awful lot. Despite all the noise associated with Eberl’s name in Gladbach, Kramer is grateful for everything Eberl has done for him.

When asked about Eberl’s change of heart in matters related to RB Leipzig, Kramer does not blame him. Instead, he thinks that Eberl smelled the chance to fulfill his big dream there and to hold something tin in his hand.

The Captaincy

Kramer has worn the captain’s armband several times as a substitute. But he doubts that he’ll become the permanent captain next season. He believes that becoming captain after Lars Stindl is probably the most thankless job.

The Professionalism of Enduring Bankruptcies

Kramer admits that he’s not always in the mood for TV interviews after defeats. But he believes that, as a professional, it’s simply part of the job to endure bankruptcies when everyone scolds you. As a professional, you have to stand your ground everywhere.

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